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At the age of fourteen I was called to the ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church.  It was the last night of my week–long session at wonderful, wonderful Camp McDowell, the diocesan camp in north Alabama.  During the priest’s sermon at worship that evening, he spoke of the extraordinary love that Mary Magdalene had for Jesus.  She was a true disciple of Christ.   During the middle of the sermon, as the priest began to tear up, it felt as though my soul was on fire.  At that moment I knew what I was called to do in this life.  I was called to preach God’s love to God’s people, just as the priest at summer camp had fourteen years ago.

Now, almost fifteen years later, I am still following the Magdalene’s call.  I am in my third year of full time parish ministry and have begun a call as rector of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church on the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe!  From preaching to teaching, from children’s ministry to pastoral care, I am most definitely in the right vocation.  Yet there is always something new every single day in the life of the parish.  So join me on my pilgrimage of responding to my calling, by the Magdalene herself, and living into the ordained ministry.

Peace and love,



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